Yoga With Beth Z

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Beth is the grateful owner of Alameda yoga studio: Leela Yoga, which she opened in 2013. She has been a student of yoga since a knee injury in 2001 and an instructor since 2008. Beth is certified to teach hatha yoga, prenatal and postnatal yoga and yoga for pelvic health. Her teachers include the greats Jane Austin and Leslie Howard.  Beth teaches mindful flow, prenatal and postnatal classes at Leela Yoga.
Beth's experiences with pregnancy, and the birth of her own three children brought her to specialize in prenatal/postnatal and yoga for pelvic health to fill a glaring gap in health care. With her expertise she offers educational workshops on the female pelvic floor and often works one on one with students who to rehabilitate pelvic issues of all sorts.
Prior to opening a yoga studio, Beth earned a Master's Degree in Geosciences and had a 10 year career in concert and festival production. She is a wife and mother of three small kids who make her insane, and insanely happy :)


In Beth’s classes I find that I can relax and really listen to what my body is calling for that day. She is a teacher who will meet you where you are and lift you up.   -Hilary Snider, Yoga Teacher 

Beth teaches a deep practice with a light heart. Truly a laughing lotus, she will have you cracking up which makes the themes and poses much more accessible. - Meghan Pope, student.

Beth taught an engaging, informative, revolutionary, entertaining, inspiring, and impactful workshop on the Pelvic Floor. I can't recommend it enough.  Beth was a true master in creating a safe environment for her students to learn about ourselves. I am so grateful.  - L.B., student.


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